About This Blog

Tasting Experiences

This blog is dedicated to sharing our insights and thoughts about tasting wine in the Sonoma Valley. Occasionally we will share tasting experiences in other parts of Sonoma County, Napa and wherever else our tasting travels take us.

We will use tags and categories to aide you in finding blog posts about types of wines and tasting experiences.

Each post that is dedicated to sharing a tasting experience will include:

  • Winery: Name of the winery or business where we are tasting.
  • Location: Location of the winery or business where we are tasting.
  • Types of Wines Known For: A bit about the types of why they are most known for.
  • Wine Price Range: The range of retail pricing for the winery.
  • Production Size/Distribution: What the winery’s overall production size is and if they distribute their wines.
  • Tasting Experience Options: What options they offer for types of tasting experiences (i.e. tasting, tours, specialty tastings, food pairings, etc.) and what those experiences cost as of the date of the posting.

Each post about a tasting will also include our thoughts and opinions.

  • Tasting Experience Rating: We will give an overall tasting rating of 1 to 5.
  • Wine Rating: An overall rating of our opinion of the quality of the wine we taste.
  • The Good: We will share a bit about what we liked about the experience, wines, tasting associate, the location, etc.
  • The Bad: On the flip-side of The Good, we will share thoughts on what we didn’t like.