Sonoma ValleyTasting Experiences

Tasting at Sojourn Cellars

Winery: Sojourn Cellars

Ownership: Owned by Craig and Ellen Haserot.

Winemaker: Erich Bradley is their winemaker and founded Sojourn Cellars with Craig and Ellen.

Location: Their tasting room is in downtown Sonoma, CA.

Types of Wines: They focus mainly on pinot noir, but also produce chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon wines.  They source their fruit from Petaluma Gap vineyards.

Wine Price Range: $48 to $125

Production Size/Distribution: They produce about 9000 cases annually. They mainly sell direct-to-consumer through their tasting room and to their club or by allocation, but they also sell to a select group of restaurants, retailers and distribution partners.

Tasting Experience Options: Tastings are offered by appointment only. They offer 4 tastings per day at 10:00am, 11:30am, 1:00pm and 2:30pm. These are sit-down, join-in tastings of their current release wines and are $35 per person.

Tasting Experience Rating: We rate the overall experience at 84 points*.

Wine Rating: 88-92 points* for the wines we tasted.

The Good: Their tasting room was in the process of being redecorated. We certainly don’t hold that against them. They are located in a charming old house just off of the Sonoma Plaza area. It is a cute little place and we are sure it will be beautiful when they are done with the redecoration. The thing we liked best about the experience was that the wine associate offered a lot of information about the wines, the vineyards they purchase fruit from and their winemaking philosophy. They wines are well made and the winemaker’s style is consistent throughout.

The Bad: The downside for us was that we had an appointment for a 2:30 join-in tasting and the wine associate was just starting to set up stemware and tasting information when we arrived. The associate kept us and another taster waiting for about 20 minutes because he was waiting for 2 people who were late, but he even mentioned that they had not called to say they would be late, so that was frustrating. The wine associate also kept going into the back to retrieve wines rather than having them set out at the table. It just felt like the tasting dragged on longer than needed.

*Ratings are on a 100 point scale.

90 to 100 points=Outstanding
80 to 89 points=Good
70 to 79 points=OK (not good but not bad)
60 to 69 points=Wish we had gone elsewhere.
Below 60 points=Run fast in the other direction.