About Us

Wine is Mesmerizing

It’s seductive, fascinating and delectable. But why? Have you ever wondered what it is that makes wine connoisseurs go weak in the knees when they swirl a glass, hold it to their nose and inhale like it’s their last breath? Uncorking Sonoma’s goal is to get you excited while you learn what it’s all!
Uncorking Sonoma was founded by Sonoma Resident Christine Fife. After many years as a marketing professional in the software and international education industries, Christine moved to Sonoma to explore her love of wine. Learn more about our founder.

With Uncorking Sonoma, Christine strives to share the art of wine with visitors who want to learn what wine tasting is all about. Instructors are certified specialists of wine who have a vast knowledge of everything from the vines to winemaking to sipping and savoring. We partner with some of the best-loved wineries of Sonoma Valley to teach our guests about wine using artisanal, small-production quality wines.