Tasting Classes

Learn While You Sip

Uncorking Sonoma offers the best way to learn about wine and wine tasting! Our tasting classes offer amazing wines for guests to taste while they learn in a fun and friendly environment where they can feel free to ask questions without feeling intimidated.

Class Options

We offer two levels of tastings.

Level 1 Wine Lover Tasting

This is a 90-minute educational tasting workshop that teaches you how to understand your palate (aka. tongue) and taste wine like a snob (or wine-o, you can decide what you want to be!) You’ll learn the basics of what wine is, the difference between “2-Buck Chuck” and quality wine, and how your senses work together to understand sweetness, acidity and tannins and what these mean in terms of wine. You’ll swirl, stare at, smell and savor through 4 wines to help you figure out what kind of wine is the love of your life. $48 per person. Make a reservation.

Level 2 Wine Enthusiast Tasting

A 90-minute educational tasting workshop that goes beyond the basics of wine tasting. Already know what you like, but want to understand more of the nuances of wine? This class will take you from being a wine lover into an oenophile. The leap from enjoying wine with dinner or going out for a day of wine tasting is just knowledge. This class will walk you through 4 wines to help you determine your preference of light vs. full-body, warm climate vs. cool climate and old-world vs. new-world wines and how to more knowledgeably buy wines that suit your tastes. These tastings are customized to suit your wine knowledge level or preferences. $52 per person. Make a reservation.